Hédi Király
kiralyhedvig@aol.com; +36 70 3606069
Personal details
Name    Hedvig Király
Gender    female
Date of Birth    06.02.1978

1997 - 2002    Architect
    Ybl Miklós College – Szent Istvan University, Budapest, Hungary

1992 – 1996    Human resources management
    Veres Pálne G.Technical School, Budapest, Hungary

Language skills
Hungarian – native
English – basic level
French – basic level

Computer skills
Archicad + Artlantis, Photoshop, MS Office, SketchUp

Drawing, travelling, music, new cultures. Highly sociable and enjoys challenges.

Driver license

Work experience



La Bande á Picasso – working with Tibor Lázár – CAD drawing, freehand drawing

Birdsong – working with János Szabolcs – draughtsman – freehand drawing, CAD drawing

Titanic – working with Tibor Lázár – model maker, draughtsman - CAD drawing


The Borgias – working with Judit Varga - freehand drawing, CAD drawing, furniture design,

Commercials about 2011:

Tesco, Milka – working with Judit Varga - draughtsman


2007 to 2010:

ASD Építészeti és Statikus Tervezõ Iroda (www.asdstudio.hu )

ASD Studio was founded in 2005 and our main profile is architectural and structural planning. Our services include the planning, the visual and interior designing of residential and industrial buildings, health, leisure and sports facilities, public and historic buildings and engineering structures. Some examples:

Örkény – Sports hall – construction plan
Bugyi – Castle Beleznay – Art relic mansion expansion – reconstruction
Ócsa – Police Station – design plan
Ócsa – Health center – construction plan
Csurgó – Health center – construction plan
Gödöllõ – Archaeological warehouses center – construction plan

Budapest – district I. Ostrom street – Budai Allergia Központ – surgery design
Budapest – district IV. Oxygen Wellness – 3rd floor medical center

Budapest – district XIV. Bátorkeszi street – family house rebuilding

2005 to 2007 ( as an independent architect):

Works: houses, block of flats, office buidings, industrial and agricultural buildings, interior design.

A24 Architect Studio – working with Zsolt Pál

architectural planning:

Mansion in Kápolnásnyék
Budapest – district XI. Oltvány street – block of flats
Budapest – district II. Turul köz – block of flats
Budapest – district VIII. Rökk Szilard street – dance studio
Budapest – district VI. Dalszínház street – comic book shop
Beregszász ( Ukraine ) – recreation center

Platan Domus Kft. – working with Ambrus Csaba Biro

architectural planning:

Budapest – district II. Mammut shopping center – Creor jewelry shop
Budapest – family houses – making of implementation plans, technical leadership

Paralel Art Épitesz es Belsõ Épitesz Stúdió (http://paralelarts.daportfolio.com/gallery/94538)

architectural and interior design:

Budapest – district IX. Fõvám square – University of Economic – common university club
Parád – social building

and working with Gábor Ghile architect:

Szigetszentmiklós – truck service area architecture planning
Making of maquette.

2002 – 2005:

Szimmetria Bt., Budapest, Hungary
Technical editor - Architect

Preparation of architectural plans, detached houses and housing environment design planning, and drawing, preparation of design documentation, official permits administrations keeping touch with departments of architectures, standards manuals and create and maintain and drawing process.
Architectural applications managing.

2000 – 2002 (past the studies):

Working with Kántor József architect, Budapest, Hungary
Technical editor

Preparation of architectural plans, design of family houses, complete interior and exterior alterations, site visits, meetings & reports, final permits planning.

Making of maquette.