Tibor Szabó
szabotyby@hotmail.com; +36 30 3026082
27.11.1978. Budapest, Hungary
Relevant experience:
2012: The Borgias series3 (Set dec.painter)
         Strike Back2(Set dec.painter&swing)

2011: The Borgias series2 (Set dec.painter)
         47Ronin (Set dec.&Props painter&swing)

2010: The Borgias series1 (Set dec.& Props painter)
          Isenhart (Set dec.&Props painter)

2009: Die Wonderhure (Set dec.&Props painter)
          Going Postal (Set dec.& Props painter)

2008-2009 : Season of the Witch (Set dec.& Props painter)

2008: Made in Hungária (Swing&set dress.)

2007: Hellboy 2 (propman&Standby set dress.)

2005-2007: With construction painters

Robin Hood series (2005-2007)
The Company (2005)

Commercials: (Swing & Stby set dress.):
Captain Morgan, Milka,Danon,Orange,etc.

Personal Characteristic:
Team player
Problem solving skills

Driving Licence:
B category