Zoltán Frank

Contribute to international teams and participate in challenging projects.
Utilize my intercultural skills and  multi-professional work experience at work.


Contribute to international teams and participate in challenging projects.
Utilize my intercultural skills and  multi-professional work experience at work.
Shape the success of aims and goals set in a project by developing innovative, unique ideas.

Reception Center (Bicske) – Immigration Office – social worker    2011-2012
Participating in an EU financed project, I was providing assistance and help to refugees staying at
the Bicske based Center to boost and ensure propre integration of immigrants to our society.

Foundation for Africa / Project coordinator – international relations    2010-2011
As the employee of the Foundation I was responsible for all kinds of international relations and
correspondence with partners and EU office Units as well. Project and budget planning,
proposal writing while also the coordination of running projects were a huge share of my tasks.
I also got experienced in setting up new projects and in the conduction of their implementation and
their budgetary controll and documentation. Due to the profile of my position I developed a
routine working in a bilingual environment, and  improved my intercultural skills solidly.

Pioneer Productions / Researcher    2009
As a researcher I was collecting information and contacting professionals and experts of the actual
theme, thus providing useful background information and gathering relevant knowledge for
documentaries and ads made in international collaboration.

Marketleading mobilecommunication company / Cultural Anthropologist – researcher    2008
Doing field research in the factory of the firm was the prime task,  - preparing interviews, observing
work and workers – while secondly the aim was to translate and interpret the findings of the
field research and also to prepare a visualized flow-chart in which key findings were indicated.
The project was carried out in an international environment and by experts from several countries.

Uni-student / casual worker    2004-2008
While studying at the University I was working as a free-lance alpine technician.

Illyés Gyula Gimnázium / Teaching-technician    2002-2004
Working as a teaching technician I was responsible for the operation of all technical equipment
at the school, while also planning and implementation of technical development of these
items was a task. I was due to provide technical support to the teachers and served as a contact
person for all technical suppliers of the institute. Conducting the technical implementation of
events at the school was also part of my duties as well. A PR – clip about the school was also
shot and edited by me upon request.    

Országos Foglalkoztatási Közalapítvány (OFA Kht.) / clerk    2000-2002
Responsible for the communication and PR of the foundation I was editing various
(written and visual) news items, and participated in event and conference organizing.

Eötvös Lóránd Science University – Faculty of Social Sciences – cultural anthropology    2004-2010
UN Academy (HUN) – Aid and development    2008
Concord / DEEEP - DESS – Development Education Summer School    2010

English –    fluent
German –    fluent
Arabic, french -    beginner
Hungarian -    native

MS Windows, MS Office, Mac OS X, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop

Culture, People,  Music, Sports
Travels:    Albania, Egypt, Sudan, Greece, Finland, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium, UK